About Us

Meeker Aviation became a company in 1995 only because we had to. Our original product, the MD369/500 door kit, began as a hobby while working for Eurocopter Canada. We thought we would sell maybe only 10 kits, but we were very wrong.

The door kit STC became very popular. So popular in fact that we had to go out on our own. Now with well over 500 of those kits in service, Meeker Aviation has grown to offer products in use not only with a majority of North American law enforcement agencies and Para military units, but throughout the world in EMS, ENG and commercial operations. Our products can also be found as standard equipment on some of the most respected names in aviation.

Along the way we have been extremely fortunate to team up with some of the best small companies in the business: Aero Pacific, Airfilm, Amtech, C-Tech, Aerocrafters and R+G Precision Machining. We now have acquired Airfilm Camera Systems and Aeropacific. By surrounding ourselves with the best, Meeker Aviation is a leader for specialized aviation products.

We continue to develop new products and are always interested in meeting the challenges of operators, OEMS and other companies with a need for our expertise.

We look forward to working with you.

Cal Meeker